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Kõik on alles ees

Kõik on alles ees
Vaata enda ette
Sinu ees on see
Sa oled noor mees

Kõik see mis haiget teeb
Läheb ka mingit moodi mööda
Ära vaata tagasi vaid astu edasi
Sa leiad uue armastused kes sind vajab

Pole vahet kas on öö või päev
Pole vahet mis kell ta sind äratab
Kui ta sulle helistab siis ta hoolib sinust
Ja ta armastab sind ka alati
Lisas: koer110791 @ 2015-09-03 Hinne: 5

please love me

Kas olin järjekordne neiu, kes oli lihtsalt õigel ajal õiges kohas?
Kas olin järjekordne ohver?
Ma olen segaduses- proof me wrong, please.
Just please … please love me.
love, please, wrong, segadus
Lisas: Amy182 @ 2014-05-01 Hinne: 3

"Don´t tell me things,that aren´t true.
I had enough,I don´t need you.
You broke my heart,you ran away.
I don´t give a fuck,if you want to stay.
Please just go,don´t ever come back.
Listen to me,I´m tellin´ you that,
I don´t need you no more,
bitch,stop callin´ me a hoe.
Look at yourself,then call me names.
I don´t need your love,I´m sick of your games."
you, love
Lisas: Merilyn @ 2014-03-03 Hinne: 5

"Triumfikaar" E. M. Remarque

Armastada... See tähendab kedagi, kellega sa vanaduspäevi tahad veeta? Sellest ei tea ma midagi. Armastus tähendab kedagi, kelleta ei saa elada. Seda ma tean.
love, love, love
Lisas: tulearm @ 2014-01-07 Hinne: -

My sunshine

There was this huge hole in my life
before you came.
Oh, baby you brought the sunshine with you,
you made me smile.
You're like stars in the sky,you bring me back alive,
you make the rain go away.
I feel nothing when you are not around,
do you ever feel the same?
sunshine, rain, love
Lisas: ekuuu @ 2013-04-05 Hinne: -


There was a place,
for you in my heart,
but before all that,
could even start.

I thought you were happy,
apparently you were not,
the love story itself,
had already stopped.

But what was the reason?
Or what was wrong?
I had no clue,
cause' you went along.

..along the road,
that was meant for you,
for you without me,
cause' nothing was pure.

Your love, your life,
your face, your smile,,
your feelings weren't nearly,
close to mine.

But what should i do,
if i can't forget?
Forget you? Theres only a pain i get.

When i look back to see,
if i even had a chance,
i realise that the only thing i could get,
with you, was the last dance.

One only thing i wish for you,
is that you'll find the right one, your love.
Maybe i'll find that too,
cause' for me it was nothing more than a face of palm.

With that, i didn't want to,
conquer the world.
I just wanted,
by you, to be heard.
heart, love, pain, smile, reason
Lisas: onBurt @ 2012-08-01 Hinne: 3


I love my mother and father, but that does not yell, I love
mother, father, yell, love
Lisas: tuvi @ 2012-05-29 Hinne: 5

My heart is filled with love,
and soul is filled with happiness.
That's because of your love you gave,
for me to all to see.

Wherever I go, wherever I am.
I'm filled with hapiness and shine.
The love had made me to love,
the person who I adore.
Lisas: lonelygirl @ 2012-01-22 Hinne: 4

Jet Airliner

Something in your eyes told me you´re the one but you ran away
I had a feeling that my chance was fading day after day
And I saw a lovelight in your eyes when love was truely here
Then I was losing you and then I cried a million tears
See the ocean of love,see the sea of tears,you were my desire
The last rainbow will show us the way to a distant fire
One time I was laying down my heart at your feet
Now I'm lonely,but loving you is all I need
You can still win back my heart,love´ll find a way
Come back cause I love you forever and a day

I´m leaving on a jet airliner but my heart cries for you night and day
I´m leaving on a jet airliner and it carries me too far away
Where the mountain meets the velvet sky

I´m leaving on a jet airliner,bring me back to the world of dreams
I´m leaving on a jet airliner,like in an old love movie scene
But this time I´m leaving without you

Love was stranded miles from nowhere where the night meets the day
Heartache is so far my best friend when our song begins to play
Like the faded scent of roses like another love on broken wings
My heart feels emptiness,I thought I gave you everything
I´m waiting for the last rainbow in this crazy world of stone
But loneliness finds me where ever I go when I´m alone
Second time I was breaking all down my heart to you
Now I'm lonely in a world full of shade of blue
You can still win back my heart,love´ll find a way
Come back cause I love you forever and a day
Love, Sadness
Lisas: modernT @ 2012-01-14 Hinne: 3.67

Dear Love 4.01.2012

I´m feeling empty inside,
How can a human decide,
if there´s death or life-
- it goes through my heart like a knife.

I wondered what would you look like,
And at what age would you ride your bike,
And how would your voice sound,
If you´d cry all night so loud.

I´m feeling weak and full of lust,
To hold you in my arms so close,
There just has to be more for US,
Between you and me should be a plus.

I´m thinking how all this would be,
In a world, where we would all be free,
I know there´d be happiness- I see,
But all of that is just in my memorie.

I´m gonna miss you all my life,
To end the pain i´d take my life,
To be with you my precious child,
And play with you as GOD decides...
-To end my life or live in hell.

I will always remember you!
child, God, free, world, precious, memories, pain, death, weak, empty inside, imagination, love, dear, miss you, knife, life, hell
Lisas: mashka @ 2012-01-04 Hinne: 4

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