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Somewhere dark, in the middle of the woods,
I hear the angels singing by my side.
The voice that I hear is nice but it's quiet,
I think it's made only for my ears.
I try to listen and understand the words,
but it's harder than it may look.
Even my breathing sound louder,
so maybe I should stop... .
emotions, deep, angels
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Little girl

Once upon a time there was a little girl,
girl who was the queen of evil.
She didn't understand what was the best for her,
she took the crime but not the time.
Her heart was trapped in this lonely cage,
there seemed to be no way out.
She couldn't turn the other page
to start living the holy life.
So that's the way she was,
so miserable and evil at the same time.
Without no sun, without no rain,
inside of her heart there was just pain.
little girl, evil, heart
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My sunshine

There was this huge hole in my life
before you came.
Oh, baby you brought the sunshine with you,
you made me smile.
You're like stars in the sky,you bring me back alive,
you make the rain go away.
I feel nothing when you are not around,
do you ever feel the same?
sunshine, rain, love
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