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Dear Love 4.01.2012

I´m feeling empty inside,
How can a human decide,
if there´s death or life-
- it goes through my heart like a knife.

I wondered what would you look like,
And at what age would you ride your bike,
And how would your voice sound,
If you´d cry all night so loud.

I´m feeling weak and full of lust,
To hold you in my arms so close,
There just has to be more for US,
Between you and me should be a plus.

I´m thinking how all this would be,
In a world, where we would all be free,
I know there´d be happiness- I see,
But all of that is just in my memorie.

I´m gonna miss you all my life,
To end the pain i´d take my life,
To be with you my precious child,
And play with you as GOD decides...
-To end my life or live in hell.

I will always remember you!
child, God, free, world, precious, memories, pain, death, weak, empty inside, imagination, love, dear, miss you, knife, life, hell
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Til' death do us apart.

I look into the past, I see only
pain, fake happiness, more pain and misery.
I feel so broken, helpless and lonely,
I wish I could erase all of these memories.
Walking without a direction between
thousands of roads, streets, broadways.
The future of mine just can't be seen.
And I wait the passing of more days.
I stop and take all my might to stare
into the cold dark sky to see the stars.
Do You remember how happy we were?
And all of this, it could've been ours.
You said You loved me but I don't believe You.
You never gave me a sign that You meant it.
But honestly, I really, truly love You so.
I don't care who You are together with.
I don't care if You don't love me.
I don't care if You don't want to se me.
I don't care who You are pretending to be.
I love You no mater what. Can't you see?
F*ck this world, I won't live it through,
I'm standing on the rooftop,
and I hope You will let me go.
Finally I let my body drop.
I'm free, I'm flying, I gaze into the sky,
I see your face, I feel like I'm dreaming.
I see that the height was not too high,
but still, I'm dying, it's what for I've been dreading...
love, death
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