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Dear Love 4.01.2012

I´m feeling empty inside,
How can a human decide,
if there´s death or life-
- it goes through my heart like a knife.

I wondered what would you look like,
And at what age would you ride your bike,
And how would your voice sound,
If you´d cry all night so loud.

I´m feeling weak and full of lust,
To hold you in my arms so close,
There just has to be more for US,
Between you and me should be a plus.

I´m thinking how all this would be,
In a world, where we would all be free,
I know there´d be happiness- I see,
But all of that is just in my memorie.

I´m gonna miss you all my life,
To end the pain i´d take my life,
To be with you my precious child,
And play with you as GOD decides...
-To end my life or live in hell.

I will always remember you!
child, God, free, world, precious, memories, pain, death, weak, empty inside, imagination, love, dear, miss you, knife, life, hell
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My life.

Why do I have to live this way?
Which has my life chosen this path?
I'm getting more insane everyday,
how can't you see that?
How can't you see, what have i done?
I'm standing before you, looking down.
I have nowhere else left to run,
everyday I just wait for the dawn.
I don't want to cry any more,
crying is for the weak and helpless.
my whole body feels so sore
as I lay in the bed, restless.
I don't want to think or move further,
I almost can't feel my hearbeats.
My mind is getting more darker,
as i'm in my room, on my seat.
I'm not lonely, but i'm depressed.
I'm not poor, but i'm not rich.
Everything I've tried has not successed.
And as they say: I'm a total bitch.
Lisas: LizzieLike @ 2010-10-09 Hinne: 4.67

No more ..

No more illusions ,
no more dreams .
My life is full or
so it seems .
No more laughs ,
no more fights .
My heart is broken ,
I hate my sleeples nights .
No more laughs ,
no more crying .
My eyes are tierd ,
I am dieing .
No more sun ,
No more sorrow .
Here today and
gone tomorrow .
love, life, love
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