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Dear Love 4.01.2012

I´m feeling empty inside,
How can a human decide,
if there´s death or life-
- it goes through my heart like a knife.

I wondered what would you look like,
And at what age would you ride your bike,
And how would your voice sound,
If you´d cry all night so loud.

I´m feeling weak and full of lust,
To hold you in my arms so close,
There just has to be more for US,
Between you and me should be a plus.

I´m thinking how all this would be,
In a world, where we would all be free,
I know there´d be happiness- I see,
But all of that is just in my memorie.

I´m gonna miss you all my life,
To end the pain i´d take my life,
To be with you my precious child,
And play with you as GOD decides...
-To end my life or live in hell.

I will always remember you!
child, God, free, world, precious, memories, pain, death, weak, empty inside, imagination, love, dear, miss you, knife, life, hell
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