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There was a place,
for you in my heart,
but before all that,
could even start.

I thought you were happy,
apparently you were not,
the love story itself,
had already stopped.

But what was the reason?
Or what was wrong?
I had no clue,
cause' you went along.

..along the road,
that was meant for you,
for you without me,
cause' nothing was pure.

Your love, your life,
your face, your smile,,
your feelings weren't nearly,
close to mine.

But what should i do,
if i can't forget?
Forget you? Theres only a pain i get.

When i look back to see,
if i even had a chance,
i realise that the only thing i could get,
with you, was the last dance.

One only thing i wish for you,
is that you'll find the right one, your love.
Maybe i'll find that too,
cause' for me it was nothing more than a face of palm.

With that, i didn't want to,
conquer the world.
I just wanted,
by you, to be heard.
heart, love, pain, smile, reason
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Dear Love 4.01.2012

I´m feeling empty inside,
How can a human decide,
if there´s death or life-
- it goes through my heart like a knife.

I wondered what would you look like,
And at what age would you ride your bike,
And how would your voice sound,
If you´d cry all night so loud.

I´m feeling weak and full of lust,
To hold you in my arms so close,
There just has to be more for US,
Between you and me should be a plus.

I´m thinking how all this would be,
In a world, where we would all be free,
I know there´d be happiness- I see,
But all of that is just in my memorie.

I´m gonna miss you all my life,
To end the pain i´d take my life,
To be with you my precious child,
And play with you as GOD decides...
-To end my life or live in hell.

I will always remember you!
child, God, free, world, precious, memories, pain, death, weak, empty inside, imagination, love, dear, miss you, knife, life, hell
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Ühe korra reedad,
teist korda reedad.
Jäätki reetma,
oma viha keetma.

Kui midagi painab,
siis teisi laimad.
Oled oma elu reetur
ning teise elu reetur.

viha, reetur, pain
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