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My father and mother,
they are nice and tough.
Ever cared for me,
protect me from others.
mother, father.
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I love my mother and father, but that does not yell, I love
mother, father, yell, love
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This is how my mother feels...

I'm standing here alone,
not picking up my phone.
I don't want to talk to anyone,
because you'll tear me down.
The wind plays with my hair,
I feel your scent in the air,
and i'm just fading slowly away.
This is my doomsday, today.

You didn't care about me,
don't tell me i can't see
through your lying eyes,
because there're so many ways,
to hurt me again.
There's nothing left to gain.

I'm standing here alone,
wishing you were gone
somewhere else far away,
where i can't see your face.
I know it wouldn't help,
i know, i can tell.
I see you everywhere,
because you weren't there
for me,

'cause i can see
through your lying eyes,
because there're so many ways,
to hurt me again.
There's nothing left to gain

I'm standing here alone,
there's nothing left to be done.
I take the last step on the rooftop,
I still feel like i'm being shot
in the back, in my head, through my heart.
it feels like a poisoning dart.
I'm flying through the air,
wind playing with my hair.

I heard you screaming my name,
but this isn't what i aim,
I want to see you cry for me.
But she's looking at you, isn't she?
You feel a sting of guilt
because of the wall you built
between our worlds.
That's not how you keep your words.

Now i'm falling down,
i see the whole town,
looking shocked and terrified.
I know i'm the sacrifice,
i know you'll forget,
but i know i won't ever do it.
I'm letting my body die,
because i'm dead inside,
and i want to let go of the pain,
i want my blood to rain
down on your face, on your body,
i will be somebody.

Soon i reach the ground,
there's no one left around,
everybody's walking on their road,
with a heart filled with cold.
I thank you, you wanted to mend
my heart, but you just gave up in the end.
I don't blame you, you just were a person,
who could've known that you were my son?
english, mother, son
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