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"Don´t tell me things,that aren´t true.
I had enough,I don´t need you.
You broke my heart,you ran away.
I don´t give a fuck,if you want to stay.
Please just go,don´t ever come back.
Listen to me,I´m tellin´ you that,
I don´t need you no more,
bitch,stop callin´ me a hoe.
Look at yourself,then call me names.
I don´t need your love,I´m sick of your games."
you, love
Lisas: Merilyn @ 2014-03-03 Hinne: 5


When I thinking of you,
Then I close my eyes.
I see your face,
your smiling face.

When you come to me,
then i feel excited.
When you hold my hand,
I am in the heaven.
Lisas: lonelygirl @ 2011-05-11 Hinne: 4

I just need you

I don't care what people say.
I don't care what people think.
I just want our stuff go straight
Or else our love is gonna' sink.

I just need one thing
with out that I'm doomed.
It's not a precious bling.
I just need you.

I need your love,
then I feel that I'm a dove.
Who's gonna fly,
into the blue sky.

I need you,
then I feel like I'm gonna' bloom
I am like a flower,
Who's taking a shower.

Do you care what people say?
Do you care what people think?
Do you want our stuff go straight?
Do you want our love's gonna sink?

So you need one thing
or else your gonna' doom.
Is it a precious bling?
Or you'd say I just need you...
need, you, love
Lisas: carro @ 2010-09-14 Hinne: 4.33

Wasn't it you?

I belived in you and
everything you did.
Everything was so wrong,
And you did stupid things
Like telling lies about me.

I thought you don’t lie,
Never tell me goodbye.
You made me belive
That you are changed
And dont’t cheet!

Wasn’t it you who wanted to try,
Everything I am and everything I do?
You agreed with me, You made me belive
I’m the most beatiful girl in the whole world.
Wasn’t it you?
Wasn’t it you?

I’m happy cause it’s over,
You would laugh at me again.
I’m still in love but not sad.
You are arrogant and unsafe,
Never change and can’t trust.

It was the best day I ever had,
I don’t regret those kisses and hugs,
But I’m not the one you love!
I had given you anything
you didn’t let me.

Next day you left me,
Remember, you didn’t hurt me.
Told me, we don’t know each other
And there is no point to try.

laulusõnad, you, love
Lisas: Hannnnnaaaaa @ 2009-05-11 Hinne: 4.33

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