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I just need you

I don't care what people say.
I don't care what people think.
I just want our stuff go straight
Or else our love is gonna' sink.

I just need one thing
with out that I'm doomed.
It's not a precious bling.
I just need you.

I need your love,
then I feel that I'm a dove.
Who's gonna fly,
into the blue sky.

I need you,
then I feel like I'm gonna' bloom
I am like a flower,
Who's taking a shower.

Do you care what people say?
Do you care what people think?
Do you want our stuff go straight?
Do you want our love's gonna sink?

So you need one thing
or else your gonna' doom.
Is it a precious bling?
Or you'd say I just need you...
need, you, love
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