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I saw tears in your eyes,not a promised paradise
You´re so scared of loneliness
Why did you lie to me,our love is not blind to see
But you don´t confess
You said you were sad,but you will drive me mad
Why are you telling me lies
I love you night and day,but it´s hard for me to say
Maybe this love is a sacrifice

Darling,I love you,believe me that is true
I´ll never leave you alone
Darling,you know that I really love you
My heart can be your home

When I said:I´m crying cause you had to go
And when love was dying,it wasn´t so

Sometimes it hurts when you´re gone,feeling so alone
Where does lonely white doves fly
It was all clear to me,that loving you is all I need
Why did you say goodbye
Can´t you find me in your mind,I´m the lonely kind
Please say the words I wanna hear
When time stands still,then loving you is such a thrill
With you I wanna be so near
Lisas: modernT @ 2010-12-31 Hinne: 5

I Can´t Forget You

Noone is just like you,I love the way you smile in the night
And everytime I see your angelface,you drive me wild
I never missed a girl like you,I´m staring at the wall
Hold your photo in my hand and some tears fall
I never felt this way before,strange are the ways of love
I did everything just for you but it wasn´t not enough

I can´t forget you,oh you´ll always be in my heart
I can´t forget your smile,why did we fall apart
I can´t forget you till the end of my life

I can´t forget you,why did you break my heart this way
I can´t forget your face,I miss you every single day
I can´t forget you till the end of my life

What have you done to me,that´s no way to say goodbye
But how can I express all the tears of love what I cry
I´m sitting by my bed,step by step my heart goes so blue
But I kept my promise that I´d never tell a lie to you
This goodbye is not forever,someday we´ll meet again
But today you´re gone,we went through passion and pain

Lisas: modernT @ 2010-12-31 Hinne: 4

Can This Be Love

I sang this song just for your love,a serenade in blue
You broke my heart,but I can´t stop loving you
But my heart is bleeding and I can´t smile
Sometimes I thought you were the love of my own
And I cried a million tears cause I am so alone
And my heart is bleeding and I cry
Girl,I always thought that our love was meant to be
Why didn´t you love me till the eternity

Can this be love when my heart is missing you
Can this be love when you break my heart
I can´t read between your lies,I´m losing you
And you don´t wanna try a brandnew start

Can this be love when it´s all made of lies
Can this be love when love is bittersweet
A bitter love when it´s not a compromise
And you made my heart feel so weak

I told you once,I told you twice I´m not your souvenir
Nights kept dragging on,I´m drowning in my tears
And my heart is bleeding just for you
You´re not here and that´s no way to say goodbye
You will find a way to hurt me and I start to cry
And my heart is bleeding all because of you
Girl,maybe this love would´ve turned out just fine
Love me again and there´ll be our time
Lisas: modernT @ 2010-12-30 Hinne: 4.5

Tell Me Why

Oh lady,when I held you then our love was young
Was this the last time
Oh lady,tell me all your dreams beyond the sun
And I´ll tell you mine
Girl,when I miss you,I miss your tender little kiss
Girl,when I need you,chase away the loneliness
Oh it always felt like it was like the first time

Baby,tell me why,why did you say goodbye
Tell me why did you leave me here and I cry
Why did you leave me here all alone

Baby,tell me why this love won´t last forever
Tell me why,why we cannot live together
Do you really have a heart of stone

What difference does it make,I´m alone again
Was this my last chance
But it´s December in Rome,I cry in the rain
That wasn´t time for romance
Girl,when I miss you,I miss your cute smile
Girl,when I need you,I can´t wait a while
Oh let me be with you once again
Lisas: modernT @ 2010-12-28 Hinne: 4

Stay One More Night

Some words of love I knew never really meant a thing
When love was here,but now times are changing
Some tears were in your eyes,I won´t tell you lies
Maybe you can find the truth behind my eyes
Once I saw you cry in the night,love faded away
I know nothing´s forever,remember what I say

Stay one more night,I´ll reveal my heart to you
Stay one more night,I need you here with me
Stay one more night,I want to hold you so tight

Stay one more night,our love is not a tragedy
Stay one more night,just you and me
Stay one more night,just we two in the moonlight

But now I´m alone once more,I trusted a broken feeling
Still wanna be with you,don´t know what tomorrow brings
Why did I miss my chance to find a way to be your love
But my words got locked away,they´re still in my heart
Your love is the missing link,call me and let me be the one
Years may come and go,but I´m tired of being alone
Lisas: modernT @ 2010-12-22 Hinne: 4

Sad Sad Love

Why do your eyes look so sad,heaven is just for everyone
You´re like a rose in the snow,oh you need the sun
But why,why can´t you kiss the past goodbye
Yesterday when I saw you in that old,old night cafe
You looked so sad,but goodbye was what I heard you say
It breaks my heart,but I know the reason why
You always told me that love can leave a heart a scar
I´ll move a mountain,even if it went too far
But you fell in love with someone else not me
And it´s now or never,one minute past eternity
I feel forever blue when I heard you say goodbye

It´s sad sad love and it has broken my heart again
I´ll never give my heart away till my life will end
It´s sad sad love and I lost my paradise again
There´ll never be another you,girl,understand

Oh I will smile,I will try if you could love me
Oh I will cry,I will die if you´re not loving me
Cause I love you forever and a day

Oh some lonely days and lonely nights I feel like a lonely man
Why you changed your mind,it was hard to understand
You took my heart away and left me in mystery
Girl,you´re like a rose in the morning,you´re my destiny
But it´s all over now,I bury the pain deep inside of me
But I was certain that our love was meant to be
But every night when I close my eyes I see you in my sleep
And I never knew that love can hurt so deep
Everything what I ever did,I did it just for you
These tears will never dry,I can´t stop my blues
I feel forever blue when I heard you say just goodbye
Lisas: modernT @ 2010-12-21 Hinne: 4

There Goes My Angel Who Broke My Heart

Sometimes you need someone when you´re down and so alone
And there´ll be me who´ll help you to make it on your own
Sometimes when your heart is crying,I heal your broken heart
And I´m sailing by sea,but there´s something kept us apart
All I want is you forever and a day,you mean everything to me
For you I am the fool,it´s all clear to me you´re my destiny
And the rest is history

There goes my angel who broke my heart
There goes my angel who broke my heart
Why did you say goodbye and now I cry
My love´s forever,give me one more try
I love you-I need you-Here and forever

There goes my angel who broke my heart
There goes my angel who broke my heart
And I gave you the best years of my life
And that´s no way to say sadly goodbye
I love you-I miss you-Here and forever

I swept your sad tears away twice when you were so lonely
I´m waiting for your call,so I can tell you you´re the olny
Why did you lie to me,but I want you back in my new world
Broken wings of an angel,my heart is burning for you,girl
Hidden devotion,how many tears can I hide because of you
When I needed you,then you were breaking my heart in two
But I can´t live without you
Lisas: modernT @ 2010-12-19 Hinne: 4.5

Another Day In Paradise

I love the way you smile in the morning light
I love the way you are,what else I can say
I love the way you hold me day and night
I love the way you caress me your own way
My heart told me I´ll always love you so
My heart told me that I can´t let you go
You´re the girl I´ll love forever and ever

Another day in paradise and stay with me
We´re in heaven where I´ll be with you
All through the years we´re still in love

Another day in paradise,take me in your heart
I´ll love you forever if we try a brandnew start
You´re the one I´m always dreaming of

I love the way when you´re yearning for me
I love the way when your heart is burning
I love the way you tie me up with memories
I love the way when I´m tossing and turning
But I have no idea why I let you go
Cause I always had loved you so
You´re the girl I´ll love forever and ever

Lisas: modernT @ 2010-09-11 Hinne: 3.5

I Will Love You

Oh my baby hold me till the end of eternity
And I know what love can do
Oh my baby,was it really meant to be
That I can´t stop loving you
Why you don´t believe my love is real
Can´t you feel the way I feel

I will love you,forever and a day
I will love you,my heart is true
I will love you,don´t walk away
All I want to do is to love you

I will love you,always in my heart
I will love you,I´ll be your friend
I will love you,we won´t be apart
All this love will never end

Oh my baby,is it love when you´re not here
Someday we´ll find our paradise
Oh my baby,I promise I won´t cry a tear
You lost love in your blue eyes
But beyond all the pain,I can still smile
But I can´t wait a little while
Lisas: modernT @ 2010-08-30 Hinne: 4


Our young ove is heavenly delight,I felt love last night
I´ll share my love with you forever,ever
You took my breath away,and you made my day
Tell me when will we be together
We held hands until late,and heaven can´t wait
I´ve told you so many times I love you
Last night we had a flame,you mend my heart again
I lost my heart and my soul to you
Lisas: modernT @ 2010-08-30 Hinne: 3

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