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Sad Sad Love

Why do your eyes look so sad,heaven is just for everyone
You´re like a rose in the snow,oh you need the sun
But why,why can´t you kiss the past goodbye
Yesterday when I saw you in that old,old night cafe
You looked so sad,but goodbye was what I heard you say
It breaks my heart,but I know the reason why
You always told me that love can leave a heart a scar
I´ll move a mountain,even if it went too far
But you fell in love with someone else not me
And it´s now or never,one minute past eternity
I feel forever blue when I heard you say goodbye

It´s sad sad love and it has broken my heart again
I´ll never give my heart away till my life will end
It´s sad sad love and I lost my paradise again
There´ll never be another you,girl,understand

Oh I will smile,I will try if you could love me
Oh I will cry,I will die if you´re not loving me
Cause I love you forever and a day

Oh some lonely days and lonely nights I feel like a lonely man
Why you changed your mind,it was hard to understand
You took my heart away and left me in mystery
Girl,you´re like a rose in the morning,you´re my destiny
But it´s all over now,I bury the pain deep inside of me
But I was certain that our love was meant to be
But every night when I close my eyes I see you in my sleep
And I never knew that love can hurt so deep
Everything what I ever did,I did it just for you
These tears will never dry,I can´t stop my blues
I feel forever blue when I heard you say just goodbye
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