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Can This Be Love

I sang this song just for your love,a serenade in blue
You broke my heart,but I can´t stop loving you
But my heart is bleeding and I can´t smile
Sometimes I thought you were the love of my own
And I cried a million tears cause I am so alone
And my heart is bleeding and I cry
Girl,I always thought that our love was meant to be
Why didn´t you love me till the eternity

Can this be love when my heart is missing you
Can this be love when you break my heart
I can´t read between your lies,I´m losing you
And you don´t wanna try a brandnew start

Can this be love when it´s all made of lies
Can this be love when love is bittersweet
A bitter love when it´s not a compromise
And you made my heart feel so weak

I told you once,I told you twice I´m not your souvenir
Nights kept dragging on,I´m drowning in my tears
And my heart is bleeding just for you
You´re not here and that´s no way to say goodbye
You will find a way to hurt me and I start to cry
And my heart is bleeding all because of you
Girl,maybe this love would´ve turned out just fine
Love me again and there´ll be our time
Lisas: modernT @ 2010-12-30 Hinne: 4.5

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