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I Will Love You

Oh my baby hold me till the end of eternity
And I know what love can do
Oh my baby,was it really meant to be
That I can´t stop loving you
Why you don´t believe my love is real
Can´t you feel the way I feel

I will love you,forever and a day
I will love you,my heart is true
I will love you,don´t walk away
All I want to do is to love you

I will love you,always in my heart
I will love you,I´ll be your friend
I will love you,we won´t be apart
All this love will never end

Oh my baby,is it love when you´re not here
Someday we´ll find our paradise
Oh my baby,I promise I won´t cry a tear
You lost love in your blue eyes
But beyond all the pain,I can still smile
But I can´t wait a little while
Lisas: modernT @ 2010-08-30 Hinne: 4


Our young ove is heavenly delight,I felt love last night
I´ll share my love with you forever,ever
You took my breath away,and you made my day
Tell me when will we be together
We held hands until late,and heaven can´t wait
I´ve told you so many times I love you
Last night we had a flame,you mend my heart again
I lost my heart and my soul to you
Lisas: modernT @ 2010-08-30 Hinne: 3

I Love You

Every day I think of you and I pray
I´m waiting for you night and day
How can I say I love you

If angels mend your broken heart
Heaven in your eyes for a start
It´s hard to say I love you

To find a way I look in the evening sky
For you I´d climb the mountains high
I want to say I love you

Every day a life with you I´d share
You´re always in my heart,I swear
And I do love you
Lisas: modernT @ 2010-08-20 Hinne: 3.33


Like a heartbreaker you´re sometimes to me
But one step from heaven you´re my love
And I told you twice,girl,you´re my destiny
And I know words can´t say enough

Just like an angel you walked to my life,girl
Then I was walking with you on cloud no.9
But maybe this love wasn´t star of the world
Then a question was your heart really mine

Day in,day out I miss you and my heart too
When will I see you again
Is there something that I can do for you
Why did it have to end
Lisas: modernT @ 2009-11-14 Hinne: 4.5

True Love

Dear,tell it to my heart is your love real
Your eyes,your smile,they can tell me
Dear,tell it to my soul is it love you feel
Faithfulness,trust,in your eyes I see

Dear,tell it to my heart is it all a reality
Your words won´t say enough
Dear,tell it to my soul is it all an eternity
When you fall in love
Lisas: modernT @ 2009-11-11 Hinne: 4.5

Love And Heartache

Those times we had together,were oh so magic
Under the moon of love,girl,oh just we two
Now times are changing and getting so tragic
Under the blue moon I´m lonely without you
My heart went so blue and my heart is crying
Girl,don´t you know it cries for you
And say that is a lie that our love is dying
Girl,is there something I can do
Lisas: modernT @ 2009-11-11 Hinne: 4.5

It started with a kiss

Girl,it started with a kiss
Love feels like the first time
Girl,it started with a kiss
You´re always on my mind
Lisas: modernT @ 2009-03-24 Hinne: 3.67


It´s not easy for my heart and soul
A pain in there is all I can feel
A fractured heart,don´t you know
Everything is falling apart,that´s so real
Lisas: modernT @ 2008-10-14 Hinne: 3

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