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I Will Love You

Oh my baby hold me till the end of eternity
And I know what love can do
Oh my baby,was it really meant to be
That I can´t stop loving you
Why you don´t believe my love is real
Can´t you feel the way I feel

I will love you,forever and a day
I will love you,my heart is true
I will love you,don´t walk away
All I want to do is to love you

I will love you,always in my heart
I will love you,I´ll be your friend
I will love you,we won´t be apart
All this love will never end

Oh my baby,is it love when you´re not here
Someday we´ll find our paradise
Oh my baby,I promise I won´t cry a tear
You lost love in your blue eyes
But beyond all the pain,I can still smile
But I can´t wait a little while
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