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If You Love Me Let Me Know

When I first saw you then I saw your smile so tender
Captured by your charms,did my heart surrender
And I´d share my once in a lifetime love with you
But now you´re gone,I feel lonely and blue
But if you love me let me know

Love me forever and a day,love me here so sweet
Love me always,you made my life so complete
If you love me let me know,I´ll never let you go
You´re my everything,you´re my life

Love me forever and a day,believe my heart is true
All my dreams will be fullfilled if you could love me
If you love me let me know,cause I love you so
I want to know did this love have a chance to live

Just like sadness,for you I´d cry an ocean of tears
I always cried for you,hold you in my heart so dear
Your lips always excited me,I won´t be telling you lies
I want to be in your arms,there I found paradise
If you love me let me know
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