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Stay One More Night

Some words of love I knew never really meant a thing
When love was here,but now times are changing
Some tears were in your eyes,I won´t tell you lies
Maybe you can find the truth behind my eyes
Once I saw you cry in the night,love faded away
I know nothing´s forever,remember what I say

Stay one more night,I´ll reveal my heart to you
Stay one more night,I need you here with me
Stay one more night,I want to hold you so tight

Stay one more night,our love is not a tragedy
Stay one more night,just you and me
Stay one more night,just we two in the moonlight

But now I´m alone once more,I trusted a broken feeling
Still wanna be with you,don´t know what tomorrow brings
Why did I miss my chance to find a way to be your love
But my words got locked away,they´re still in my heart
Your love is the missing link,call me and let me be the one
Years may come and go,but I´m tired of being alone
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