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In the warmest Summer nights when the love burns so bright
I see the fire of love in your eyes
And tonight the heat is on,our two hearts will beat as one
Soon just halfway to paradise
Here we are playing the game,but all the rules are the same
Your smile will drive me mad
Here come the emotions so true as I fall in love with you
The greatest love I ever had

Breathlessly,I´ll be loving you breathlessly
You´re always in my heart
Breathlessly,I´ll be holding you endlessly
We don´t break apart

Breathlessly,I feel your heartbeat
You´re the love of my life
Breathlessly,I feel now the need
To keep our love alive

So slow the time passes by when the sun leaves the sky
The fire burns within you and me
Meet me at the rainbow´s end,I´ll be there just again
Endless love for us,there´ll be
We fly on the wings of love,reaching the stars above
A true romance we hold dear
I´ll always love you so,I don´t want to let you go
Wanting love to draw near
tunded, armastus
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Little By Little

At midnight shadows of the moonlight falling
And the starry night is calling
You´re here with me
Sometimes I think that it took so much time
To say what´s on your mind
You set me free
I found the true love in you
Good and true

Little by little I´m getting into your heart
In your eyes I can see
Little by little it looks like a new start
You´re my destiny

Little by little you fall in love with me
We can stay together
Little by little endless love there´ll be
It´s now or never

Shadows now are creeping down the wall
This time truest love will call
To you and me
Daytime friends and now nighttime fools
And we play by the rules
Play it easy
I found the true love in you
Good and true
tunded, armastus
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Love Like Ours

Maybe I was too afraid right from the very start
Too afraid to let you into my heart
I thought that together we could reach the stars
But I ended up with painful scars
Tell me why,why did you deny my love for you
There must be a way we can find
Tell me why,why did it all end up in the blue
Please change your mind

How many times I had to fight
To make it so so right
For love like ours

How many times we said goodbye
But the hope won´t die
For love like ours

Before the heartbreak I thought I was so strong
But here I am,standing all alone
Wasting all the lonely days,the lonely nights
Praying for you to see the light
Tell me why,why did you deny what was real
There must be another way
Tell me why,why did you deny what you feel
Try me again,I say
tunded, armastus, õnnetu armastus
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Tell me all your secrets,I´ll keep them in my heart
Showing no signs of weakness at the start
I would tell you a promise,a promise that I´ll keep
A promise to change the love to sweet
You know for sure what kind of true man I am
Then let the feelings flow again

I won´t be a heartbreaker,I tell you that
And surely your heart I won´t break
I won´t be a heartbreaker,I tell you that
Surely I won´t make that mistake

I´m not a heartbreaker
You know,you know
I´m not a heartbreaker
Signs show now

Promised you last night that I won´t go astray
I´ll be beside you every night and day
And I know that you learned through the scars
Together we can reach the stars
We fight for the right love,fight for it to be
Then we can find our destiny
tunded, armastus
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Under the warm summer sun we meet again
Your angel smile starts a new flame
Waiting for a kiss under the lover´s skies
A burning love in your tender eyes
By the end of night you´ll steal my heart
And now here we start

I found the lifeline in you,yes it´s true
From the day I first saw you
I found the lifeline in you,so true blue
From the day I met you

I´ll be your lifeline until the end of a lifetime
I´ll be your lifeline,together we can shine

In a bed of roses until the night fade away
Believe it or not so much to say
Easy for us to win a game that can be fun
While two hearts beat as one
Told you that you´re the lady of my heart
Don´t you tear us apart
tunded, armastus
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Oled mu südames

Rändab mu peas vaid üks mõte,
löömab mu sees pisike lõke.
Ärevus võtab üle kogu mu keha,
selle vastu ei saa ma midagi teha.

Igatsus suur painab mind,
näha ma juba tahaksin sind.
Tahaks tunda mu ümber su käsi,
sinuga olemisest ma ei väsi.

Lõputult võiks ma vaadata sind,
sinu embusest ei väsi mu hing.
Tahaksin olla juba su juures,
sest oled sa, mu südames suures!
Armastus kallis arm
Lisas: Lauralera @ 2017-04-16 Hinne: 4


Just tonight I tell you once,I tell you twice
How deep the true devotion can be
And I tell you love is the sweetest sacrifice
How true it can be if you can see
Believe it or not but your love is my destiny
Heaven is here just with me

Pull me closer and hold on to my heart
My love is running so much deeper
Hold me closer until death do us part
Your love is so much sweeter

Pull me closer in your warm embrace
When the sun goes down
Closer tonight for a true romance
Love is all around

We see the stars up above in the night skies
Here comes the emotions so true
And love shines so bright in your blue eyes
Here and forever for me and you
Believe it or not but I´ll always be there
By your side to keep care
tunded, armastus
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Mulle armas on ka isa , aga tema eri salli kisa.
Isa, sallivus, kisa.
Lisas: janosch @ 2017-02-19 Hinne: 3


Mulle armas on laps , krips-kraps.
Laps, krips, kraps.
Lisas: janosch @ 2017-02-19 Hinne: 3


Mulle meeldib väga oma ema , nii armas on tema.
Ema, armastus.
Lisas: janosch @ 2017-02-19 Hinne: 5

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