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In the warmest Summer nights when the love burns so bright
I see the fire of love in your eyes
And tonight the heat is on,our two hearts will beat as one
Soon just halfway to paradise
Here we are playing the game,but all the rules are the same
Your smile will drive me mad
Here come the emotions so true as I fall in love with you
The greatest love I ever had

Breathlessly,I´ll be loving you breathlessly
You´re always in my heart
Breathlessly,I´ll be holding you endlessly
We don´t break apart

Breathlessly,I feel your heartbeat
You´re the love of my life
Breathlessly,I feel now the need
To keep our love alive

So slow the time passes by when the sun leaves the sky
The fire burns within you and me
Meet me at the rainbow´s end,I´ll be there just again
Endless love for us,there´ll be
We fly on the wings of love,reaching the stars above
A true romance we hold dear
I´ll always love you so,I don´t want to let you go
Wanting love to draw near
tunded, armastus
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