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Tell me all your secrets,I´ll keep them in my heart
Showing no signs of weakness at the start
I would tell you a promise,a promise that I´ll keep
A promise to change the love to sweet
You know for sure what kind of true man I am
Then let the feelings flow again

I won´t be a heartbreaker,I tell you that
And surely your heart I won´t break
I won´t be a heartbreaker,I tell you that
Surely I won´t make that mistake

I´m not a heartbreaker
You know,you know
I´m not a heartbreaker
Signs show now

Promised you last night that I won´t go astray
I´ll be beside you every night and day
And I know that you learned through the scars
Together we can reach the stars
We fight for the right love,fight for it to be
Then we can find our destiny
tunded, armastus
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