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Love Like Ours

Maybe I was too afraid right from the very start
Too afraid to let you into my heart
I thought that together we could reach the stars
But I ended up with painful scars
Tell me why,why did you deny my love for you
There must be a way we can find
Tell me why,why did it all end up in the blue
Please change your mind

How many times I had to fight
To make it so so right
For love like ours

How many times we said goodbye
But the hope won´t die
For love like ours

Before the heartbreak I thought I was so strong
But here I am,standing all alone
Wasting all the lonely days,the lonely nights
Praying for you to see the light
Tell me why,why did you deny what was real
There must be another way
Tell me why,why did you deny what you feel
Try me again,I say
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