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Bleeding Love

At the end of night I saw a dying flame
In your lonely tender eyes again
Who will be there
All faded out in a silhouette of black
Will your love find a way back
Who will be there
Call me now and I´ll be there again
Take my helping hand

It´s better if you kiss the bleeding love goodbye
You´ll need a brandnew start to try
There must be a way we can find

It´s better if you end the bleeding love now
I know that it´s too hard to let go
You must change your mind

You still can´t let go of all the pain
But you´ll fall in love again
I´ll be there
In a bed all alone,waiting for a call
Staring a shadow on the wall
I´ll be there
Light a flame,I´ll be there again
At the rainbow´s end
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