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Tear Painted Love

I was so close,yet I was too far
To my foolish lonely dreams
It was not written in the stars
To me so what it seems
I remember when we had it all
Remembering the words
But I will stand,I won´t fall
Even though it hurts

But I don´t know why I love you like I do
Why I want you to come back and stay
Maybe it´s wrong to be in love with you
Maybe it´s better to just run away
Away from a tear painted love

I don´t know why I love you so
Why I want you here to stay
Maybe it´s not easy to let go
But maybe we´ll find a way
For a tear painted love

All alone in a bed of loneliness
My heart feels so weak
Here I am just jaded in sadness
Soul so bittersweet
Thought back then we had it all
But came the end
But I will stand,I won´t fall
I won´t pretend
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