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In My Eyes

Can you hear a lonely sound of all my tears
In a breathless night
So many dreams after all the wasted years
Stay by my side
Told you twice it´s no way to say goodbye
Stay with me tonight
All I want a second chance,one more try
Love´s so right

In my eyes a lovelight is all fading away
I´m a fool about it
In my eyes,tears of love just every day
I´m so sad about it

In my eyes,memories of love gone by
So alone without you
In my eyes,tears of love that I cry
So alone and blue

Tell me why,tell me why your love can´t stay
You can heal the pain
Told you many times that we can find a way
And start again
Here I am alone,my world is not the same
Chase away loneliness
And in my heart still lies a dying flame
Jaded in sadness
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