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Angel Eyes

Came the time to say goodbye the other day
But sooner or later we´ll find a way
Call me,call me anytime
Without you,baby,I find no sleep at nights
But you´ll see it when time is right
Call me,call me anytime
Darling,it´s you my heart is yearning for
It´s you I miss,more and more

Angel eyes,why did you break my heart
Why did you tear apart
Angel eyes,why did you say goodbye
Why didn´t we try

Angel eyes,I know I still love you so
And I just can´t let it go
Angel eyes,you´re still the one for me
Believe me,it´s our destiny

I´ll be there just for you if you ever want me
But for now I´ll wait for you to see
Call me,call me now
Spending my time alone,waiting for your call
Staring at a shadow on the wall
Call me,call me now
Darling,it´s you my heart is crying for
It´s you I love,more and more
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