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So Long

You fooled me right at the very start
And deceived my foolish heart
I saw all the lies in your blue eyes
Tearing down the paradise
Maybe I´m just too young for love
I thought love could be fun
Maybe I´m just a fool for love
It seems I was so wrong

So long,my love,if you don´t wanna be mine
Love fades away sometime
So long,my love and you set my heart free
Love won´t stay for maybe

So long,my baby blue,if you just don´t wanna try
So long,I say under the lonely sky
So long,my baby blue,if your heart close the door
And you don´t love me anymore

Here I am looking at the stars,alone
It´s not easy to carry on
They say that time can heal the pain
Time to let it go again
Maybe I´m just too young for love
Is it love a game for fools
Maybe I´m just a fool for love
Breaking all the rules
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