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I Cry All Alone(With A Broken Heart)

I thought love will last forever,the sweetest sacrifice
But you were telling me just lipstick lies
I told you it´s now or never,looking into your eyes
But you were tearing down the paradise
We were sailing on the last rainbow at midnight
We said goodbye in the morning light
And then you told me that it would be the end
Leaving on my own again

I cry all alone with a broken heart
Just echoes in the rain
I cry all alone,I´m torn all apart
Heartache and pain

I cry all alone,raining in my heart
My heart is so blue
I cry all alone,waiting for a start
What can I do

Now it´s a sad,sad situation if it was the last goodbye
But don´t you think it´s better if we try
Day in day out I´ll be missing you with sweet desire
Lying without you in this bed of fire
And I´m begging you please come back now and stay
I know there must be another way
Maybe I´m not Casanova,maybe I´m not Romeo
But if you love me,let me know
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