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You took the train of silence late last night,tears in your lonely eyes
It hurts you so,you thought this love was the sweetest sacrifice
Yet the time may pass you by but you still can´t let go of all the pain
But I think that someday you´re gonna fall in love again
I´m telling you that it´s better if you kiss the bleeding love goodbye
Don´t you think your heart needs a new start to try

Bitterblue,so bitterblue day in day out
Call me and I´ll be there for you
Bitterblue,so bitterblue day in day out
See what loneliness can do

Bitterblue,so bitterblue night in night out
It rains in your heart
Bitterblue,so bitterblue night in night out
Try a brandnew start

You wasted all the days,you wasted all the nights,waiting for a call
All alone in your bed,staring at the shadows on the wall
I told you once,I told you twice that true love is so hard to find
But I´ll be there to paint all the clouds with sunshine
Until the day when true love flies back to you,don´t let it end
Light a brandnew flame of love now and then
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