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I know for sure that love is the sweetest thing
Destiny is calling out for me
And I´ll cherish the joy what the love can bring
To find the eternity
Day in day out I´ll wait for love to call my own
I´ll find my love someday
I keep thinking that my heart needs a home
Soon I´ll find a way

Looking for soulmate for the rest of my life
The one to love until the day I die
Looking for soulmate to keep our love alive
To the one I won´t tell a lie

Soulmate,with love until the end
Love is a fire
Soulmate and my best friend
My one desire

I know for sure that love is a precious thing
It´s the greatest devotion
And for the right one I´ll buy a wedding ring
Endlessly in motion
Day in day out knowing what I´m looking for
It´s just a step away
And I keep thinking more than I did before
I must find a way
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