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Take Me To Your Heart

I promised to love you a thousand times
But every time you can read the signs
Don´t betray your feelings
The glow of the moon on a sea of tears
A true devotion for all of the years
Easy to find the meaning
Hoping that you can see it in my eyes
So we can find paradise

Take me to your heart,baby blue
You know I won´t let you go
Anything for a start I will do
It´s all you need to know

Take me to your heart
Take me to your heart
Cause I love you so
Take me to your heart
Take me to your heart
Time will show

Just call me anytime and I´ll be there
And then it starts with a love affair
The worries we leave behind
Could I love you more than words say
And just tonight I ask you to stay
No problems in mind
Hoping that you can see the fire within
As the night closes in
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