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Grande Amore

I don´t know what are you waiting for,my careless love
When you know that I am true enough
Believe it or not it´s not a game between us anymore
I justified my love like I did before
Let´s stay together in this world of sweetest harmony
Now and forever,here with me

Grande amore,grande amore every night and every day
I love you more than words can say
Grande amore,grande amore every night and every day
This time we´ll find a way

Grande amore,grande amore
Endless love there´ll be
Grande amore,grande amore
True love to see

Do you slow my heart in a dream that we dream to the end
Hero of lost and found again and again
In the shadow of the moonlight lay back in my tenderness
Truely I love you,baby blue,I confess
Let´s stay together and soon we´ll find our destiny
In paradise called eternity
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