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On The Wings Of Love

Love is a light that will show us the way
This time we just can´t go wrong
Love is here to stay forever and a day
Our two hearts beat as one
Love is a burning fire that wouldn´t die
Daytime friends,nighttime fools
And love is here,so don´t say goodbye
We got nothing to lose

On the wings of love we can just fly away
Together we can find a better place to stay
Your heart beats so close to mine

On the wings of love like lovers will do
Together we can find it in heaven too
Two hearts beating in time

Love is a river,running through our minds
And I told you it´s like a thunder
Love is just like heaven,so hard to find
No heartaches by the number
Love is an ocean all the time in our eyes
There´s nothing to keep us apart
Love is paradise for us,I told you twice
Don´t take away my heart
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