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Motherless Child

I want to know what was the meaning of it all
You are the girl who broke my heart
Thinking endlessly now,but loneliness will call
You are the girl who tore apart
When I met you,girl,you were down and blue
But I was the biggest fool
All because of you my heart is torn into two
And you were so cool

I´m like a motherless child,fighting the fears
Hiding away the tears
I´m like a motherless child,just a lonely man
Burying all the pain

I feel like a motherless child,tears in my eyes
I hate all the lies
Like a motherless child,under the lonely skies
No paradise

It´s so hard to understand the meaning of it all
I´m not the man who broke your heart
What can you do when the loneliness will call
I´m not the man who tore apart
When we said goodbye,I started to miss you so
Being alone what I truely fear
All because of you it´s now so hard to let it go
More than I can bear
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