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Too Good To Last

A walk in the shadows,the wind is blowing softly
My heart is hurting inside
So down and feeling blue,tears running endlessly
Tears I can´t hide
Just remembering the day when we said goodbye
I miss you with emotion
Thinking about you under the blue lonely sky
I cried an ocean

But maybe our love was too good to be true
Maybe it was too good to last
And maybe our love painted truth in blue
Now it´ll fade with the past

This love affair was too good to last
Too good to last for a lifetime
This love affair was too good to last
Now it fades passing of time

Waking up in the night in a bed of loneliness
Love is still a mystery
Thinking of why did you leave me in sadness
Bleeding within me
Listening the sound of the rain at midnight
So many nights before
If you want my love now,you better fight
That´s for sure
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