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More Than A Lover

I think that staying with you will make the time stand still
If you ask me to stay,you know I will
I´ll promise you truely I´ll be there where you want me
Won´t close the door on what could be
I can make you feel that I could be the right man
I can give you everything that I can

I´ll let you know that I want to be more than a lover
You will be the world I want to discover
It takes two lovers to be as one

Let me be more than a lover
All the devotion I will give
Let me be more than a lover
As long as I live

On the wings of a nightingale just before we two became us
Will you be someone I could totally trust
We reach out to see that true love don´t belong to yesterday
But we see that we don´t lose our way
I can make you feel that my love will drive you crazy
But I won´t give it just for maybe
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