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You Drive Me Crazy

Fire of love dances in your eyes,I truely see an angel in you
On the wings of love like other lovers do
I love you,baby
We could be daytime friends,we could be nighttime fools
For true love we break all the rules
Youre my lady
We found the love of our own under the lovers sky
We can make it if we start and try

You drive me crazy,you drive me crazy just tonight
Until the end of a breathless night
Time pass by so slow

You drive me crazy until the night fades away
Until the first light of a new day
Our love will grow

Here we are in a bed of roses,two hearts beat as one
Tonight what it means to be so young
I love you,baby
We know that true love wont belong to yesterday
If theres a will,there must be a way
Be my lady
I found the love of my own truely in you,my love
And my heart is just big enough
tunded, armastus
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