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In The Arms Of The One I Love

Just like an angel you came into my life one day
I saw that true love wont belong to yesterday
And I fell in love with you
Yes,I fell for you
All our dreams come true,in love we truely believe
I would be the biggest fool if I deceive
Cause my heart is true
Yes,its true

I want to be in the arms of the one I love
Daytime friends and nighttime fools
I want to be in the arms of the one I love
What can we lose

In the arms of the one I love
Where I want to be
In the arms of the one I love

Just like a lover and a true friend Ill be there
Youre always in my heart,that I swear
And youre truely the one for me
Yes,youre the one for me
Love is truely here and we wont throw it away
We belong together forever and a day
Until the end of eternity
Yes,with me
tunded, armastus
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