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Nothing But The Truth

We will take a chance so our two hearts will beat as one
And anything is possible if our feelings are so strong
Sometimes we´ll lose our way and the blues get us down
But we can feel it somehow that love is all around
We can hear the calling from heaven every single day
So we know now that we´ll find a way

We tell each other nothing but the truth
Right at the start
We tell each other nothing but the truth
Won´t tear apart

Nothing but the truth
Night in night out
Nothing but the truth
Day in day out

Recalling the Summer,just we two under the warm sun
Times won´t get tragic if we just keep holding on
Just take your time for love to survive and you will see
You can get it what you want from me for free
We need true love,something to live for every single day
This time it´s for sure that we find a way
tunded, armastus
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