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You Change My World

I´m in the arms of love,let´s dance the night away
Until the first light of a brandnew day
Yes,I want your heart
Just tonight we see the same stars in the skies
And I see the fire in your eyes
Yes,I want to start
I tell you that I won´t ever leave you lonely
Cause you´re the one and olny
The right girl for me

Just tonight you change my world
Changing it all the time
Just tonight you change my world
And the sun will shine

You change my world forever
And you change my life
You change my world forever
You keep love alive

I told you before that you mean everything to me
But day in day out you´re a mystery
Yes,I want your love
I told you twice that you´re always in my heart
And I called it love at the start
Yes,I call it love
I tell you that I love you forever and ever
Cause it´s now or never
We´ll stay together'
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