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So Alive

A burning flame,an endless passion
I´m a fool for your love
It´s not a game,it´s all obsession
Steal the stars above
Just tonight our love seems so real
More than a feeling
Just tonight tell me what you feel
Rocking and reeling

I feel so alive everytime I hold you
So alive to see it´s true
And I´ll wait every night and day
To see that you´ll stay

I feel so alive when you´re here with me
So alive,it´s so easy to see
And I´ll wait all the days,all the nights
To see that love´s so right

A burning love,you can feel the fire
The closer we can get
Don´t break the rules of our desire
It drives us so mad
Just tonight our love is a mystery
More than a feeling
Just tonight if you love me,tell me
Rocking and reeling
tunded, armastus
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