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Stay The Night With Me

Everytime I see you cry in the rain
Tell me the reason again
Everytime I stay to heal your pain
Your heart on the mend
Here you stand,tears in your eyes
So tired of all the lies
Here you stand,you´re so lonely
My one and olny

Stay the night with me,my love
Take me in your heart
Stay the night with me,my love
Let us try a start

Stay the night with me,my baby
I´m so in love with you
Stay the night to see,my lady
Feel my heart is true

Everytime breaking up is so hard to do
But you can start it anew
Everytime I see your sad sad smile
Try my heart for a while
Here you stand,all alone and blue
Your heart torn in two
Here you stand,under the skies
Find paradise
tunded, armastus
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