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Blue Eyes In The Night

In this bed of fire anything I wanna do
Just make a good love to you
You´re so good to me
Love is a mystery
Am I the one who will love you so right
The one who holds you so tight
You´re so good to me
Love is eternity

Blue eyes in the night,who will love you like I do
Blue eyes in the night,our love becomes so true
Our love will last forever and a day
My love

Blue eyes in the night,under the darkened skies
Blue eyes in the night,the sweetest sacrifice
Let´s stay together,forever and a day
My love

Just tonight I think it´s better if we try
When the sun is leaving the sky
You´re so good to me
You´re my destiny
Told you that you´re the lady of my heart
The one right at the start
Just stay with me
To the eternity
tunded, armastus
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