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Cry poem, let it go, let it go!

Coffee is good,
so are you, you like me,
i love myself to,
hug yourself, kiss others on cheek.

The rest of my life,
I write and thinking about you,
you don't know me,
but you maybe love me.

Sorry if i hurt you,
everybody hug you,
love you like good think on this world,
sorry you are not thing, you are person i like most.

I think still about you,
i like your smile, i like your eyes,
i like you we way you are,
but this thing is mine!

Poem to someone u just say bad to me!
It's so fking hurts me, buy life yourself,
ok sorry hug me strong, and i may hug you back,
we are two, u don't understand, what happen next!
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