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Till The Day I Find You Again

Some words of love what I never said I know they would mean nothing now
Just like a sweet dream once when you were mine,but it ended somehow
Cause the dream of love was all over again in the middle of the night
But I will still love you forever and day with silent tears of pride
Maybe someday I will find love in your eyes again,a fire in your soul
But will there ever be a chance of love for me if you let me go
I told you once,I told you twice that I fell so in love with you
If you promise you will love me,I will marry you one day
But you said goodbye and walked away,leaving me here feeling blue
But I swear to you my love will never fade away

Till the day I find you again,I will hold you in my heart
Till the day I find you again,I will never break apart

Till the day I find you again,I will see heaven in your eyes
Till the day I find you again,I will never tell you lies

Some words of love you ever said to me,were just lies and not the truth
This time my emotions were fading to gray in a sadder shade of blue
My heartbeat never told a lie when you painted my clouds with sunshine
Now my tears won´t wash away my heartache,feeling sadness all the time
I thought you love me somehow cause my love is just too hard to ignore
So I´m asking you to come back to me,I need you more and more
I told you once,I told you twice you mean the whole world to me
But I never knew that love can hurt so really deep
Will you stay with me or will you leave me here in misery
But tonight I see you in my sleep
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