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Sad Songs Of Love(Remind Me Of You)

A heart of the ocean told me that you´re the one and olny for me,that is true
You´re like a rose in the snow,you need the sun cause you´re feeling blue
Girl,I can´t believe that our romance is all over,I just can´t take it
You broke my heart again,broke it twice and I don´t know what I´m gonna do
Because of you I´m almost cold as ice,sometimes I believed in you
Girl,you should know I wasn´t lying to you,but you just can´t see it
Open up your heart to me maybe then you will realize
That my feelings were true,my love wasn´t a lie

Sad songs of love are breaking my heart and my heart is missing you so much
Sad songs of love make me feel so blue and remind me that I miss your touch
And I know that sad songs of love remind me of you

Sad songs of love makes my heart cry out,feeling blue all over again
Sad songs of love makes my heart cry loud between laughter and pain
Cause sad songs of love remind me of you

Can´t forget what you said to me when like an angel you were smiling again
And I told you that I will love you forever,when just we two in the rain
Girl,I just can´t forget you and your smile was the sweetest thing
But every day was a new day and day in,day out you were my magic mystery
Before my eyes my love can´t let you go cause you mean the world to me
Girl,I will never forget you and I just can´t stop remembering
Can´t you see you´re my destiny and I captured a Gemini star
And I will climb every mountain cause you´re so far
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