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Someday We Will Be Together

Just close your eyes and I´ll be with you tonight
Then I light a flame of love and it burns
All I want to do is to hold you in my arms so tight
But suddenly my luck begun to turn
Through the days and nights we fell so in love
I knew someday will bring goodbye
When love starts to be a flame,don´t turn it off
I don´t wanna wonder why

Someday we will be together,my little girl
I won´t leave behind the love we knew
Someday we will be together in this world
I´ll give my heart,my love and heaven too

Someday we will be together,that´s no lie
Never find a girl who´s compared to you
Someday we will be together,give it a try
And now I know what love can do

Lonely days and lonely nights I cherish an old memory
A cry of loneliness,cherishing the times we had
Can´t forget your cute smile,caught by your mystery
Now it´s all over,feeling down and feeling sad
I didn´t have the courage to tell you that I love you
Living my life,it´s you I´m yearning for
Maybe I was too blind to see,you knew it was true
But my heart is burning more and more
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