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You Are The Love Of My Life

You cried some tears and then you said to me:It´s time to go
Why did we say goodbye that day,why did our love faded away
Someday we will be together,but one thing you didn´t know
I love you,but back then I couldn´t find the words to say
And I watch the stars and the moon above and I think of you
When I thought that maybe with you love will turn out fine
But I was wrong,my heart started to sing a serenade in blue
What you really mean to me,my heart needs you all the time

Cause you are the love of my life,you´re always in my heart
And I can´t stop loving you more and more each day
You are the love of my life and we´ll try a brandnew start
Cause my love is a flame,it will show the way

You are the love of my life and my love will last forever
By the light of magical moon stay with me
You are the love of my life,we´ll tie our dreams together
Later or soon I know was our love meant to be
But I cannot live without you

Do you remember all the times we had under the moon,just we two
And you smiled to me at nights,caught by your mystified eyes
But times were changing,I knew my heart was crying out in blue
This time my heart will never mend cause I lost my paradise
Our love came with the sigh of the wind,oh olny love knows why
You hid your heart beyond your pride,love can leave a scar
But life without you is pain,that´s why some tears will never dry
And I have to face the future alone,but by now you are so far
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