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I Want To Love You More

You´re my number one who I´m living for
Sometimes in loneliness,sometimes in pain
And love is a stranger just a little bit more
And it´ll never be quite the same again
Some years ago love flowed like an ocean
You can run,but you know you can´t hide
But you broke my heart with no devotion
Can´t you see the loving delight

I want to love you more,but love takes quite some time
I want to love you more,girl like you is hard to find
And I know you can ease my pain

I want to love you more,just you and me
I want to love you more for all eternity
Call me and I´ll be your man

You´re the girl who put some magic in my life
Anything before that have lost it´s meaning
You mean the world to me,will this love survive
Goddess in your eyes and I´m still dreaming
Cause I love you forever,forever and a day
It started in heaven and any dream will do
But feelings are the hardest words to say
And it´s true that my heart beats for you
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