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Time Waits For No One

When I last time saw you was in that old night cafe
And I kept missing you,honey,since that day
When I look at the moon and the stars,I think of you
All these sweet memories of love will do
Just another lonely night,call me I´ll be your man
And tell me that you miss me,my dove
If you come back and then I will smile again
Tell me do I have a chance,my love

But time waits for no one,but time will heal the pain
That´s the olny thing that you should know
And time waits for no one,anyone will understand
Heals your wounded heart somehow

Time waits for no one,time waits for no one
Why did you leave me here,what can I do
Time waits for no one.time waits for no one
And I feel emptiness when I don´t have you

It was so late at night when I catched a Gemini star
When you´re with me,sky is blue,but you´re so far
Cannot forget you when I saw your pretty face
Olny if you weren´t telling lies,love like paper lace
I must follow my heart and then truth I will find
And I need to know that you love me,my dove
There must be a way,I can´t find it in my mind
Tell me how can I win your heart,my love
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