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Careless whispers in the morning light
In a bed of roses holding so tight
Now that it´s the sweetest sacrifice
As I look into your tender eyes
I endlessly love you,it´s no mistake
Your love I couldn´t forsake

I´ll call you sweetheart,call me your man
Anything I´ll do,every way that I can
For the woman I love

I´ll call you sweetheart,call me your lover
Anything I´ll do before the day is over
For the one I love

This heart of mine truely belongs to you
And olny the greatest love will do
I´ll be there where the wild roses grow
You know that I can´t let you go
I love you so,more and more each day
Cause our love is here to stay
Lisas: modernT @ 2020-02-14 Hinne: 5

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