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We are in our paradise everytime when we are alone
In a hour or two we are united as one
I can´t let you go
Keeping the secrets of each other,it´s so easy to do
Anything for our love,made for two
I love you so
Romancing more and more each day
In our world of dreams
With you,our love will find a way
All that what it means

You´re my Valentine,my sweet Valentine
Until the end of time
You´re my Valentine,my sweet Valentine
True love so fine

My sweet Valentine,you own my heart
And the love of mine
My sweet Valentine,we begin to start
Together we shine

As days and nights pass us by,passing us by so slow
Heaven is here,that´s all we need to know
I can´t let you go
With the blessing of love behind the closed doors
Like we did a thousand times before
I love you so
On the wings of love,a world away
Time and time again
Words are not enough,I must say
No need to explain
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